A castle surrounded by enemy soldiers.

A king and queen with no help in sight. 

A damsel in distress. 

It all sounds like something right out of a fairy tale. 

But for Esther of Alvastia, this is no fairy tale.

It's a nightmare.

Left with no other option, fourteen-year-old Esther is forced to leave the castle for her own safety, not knowing if she will ever see her mother and father again. With only a pack of food and her faithful horse Onyx, Esther sets off on an adventure to find her mother's people. But the enemy is never far behind, closing in on the princess who eludes them. Will she be able to make it to safety? And will she ever see her parents again?

When all hope seems lost, Esther soon finds that God never leaves His children on their own. At every turn, Esther meets friendly faces willing to help her as she strives to find a way to get back to her parents. With only her faith in God as her weapon, Esther turns back to home, determined to have the victory once and for all. But will that be enough? It seems that Esther will never see her parents in this world again. And all hope seems lost when Esther is finally captured and hidden away. It's time for the villagers to take up arms and fight for their freedom. Will they prevail? Or will evil finally win? The true victory lies in finding a faith that is unshakable.


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